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Submit to the AJP Residents' Journal

on Tue, 01/17/2012 - 17:23

The AJP Residents’ Journal accepts manuscripts authored by medical students, resident physicians, and fellows (manuscripts authored by members of faculty cannot be accepted; faculty co-authors are removed and placed at the end of articles in an acknowledgment).

This companion to the Green Journal is a web-based publication that is edited and written by residents and fellows for residents and fellows.  It appears each month by free email subscription and on the American Journal of Psychiatry website

To submit a commentary (500 words), book review (500 words), clinical case conference (750 words), review article (1,000 words, 1 figure), treatment in psychiatry article (1,000 words), research article (1,000 words, 2 figures), or letter to the Editor (250 words), please visit the Journal’s online manuscript submission site at

Submission type should be designated as “Residents.”  Below is more information about submission types accepted for the AJP Residents’ Journal

  1. Commentary: Generally includes descriptions of recent events, opinion pieces, or narratives. Limited to 500 words and five references.
  2. Treatment in Psychiatry: This article type begins with a brief, common clinical vignette and involves a description of the evaluation and management of a clinical scenario that house officers frequently encounter. This article type should also include 2-4 multiple choice questions based on the article’s content. Limited to 1,000 words and 10 references.
  3. Clinical Case Conference: A presentation and discussion of an unusual clinical event. Limited to 750 words and five references.
  4. Original Research: Reports of novel observations and research. Limited to 1,000 words, 10 references, and two figures.
  5. Review Article: A clinically relevant review focused on educating the resident physician. Limited to 1,000 words, 10 references, and one figure.
  6. Letters to the Editor: Limited to 250 words (including references) and three authors. Comments on articles published in the Residents’ Journal will be considered for publication if received within 1 month of publication of the original article.
  7. Book Review: Limited to 500 words. Abstracts: Articles should not include an abstract.

References: Use reference format of The American Journal of Psychiatry ( If you have any questions about submission, contact Mr. Michael Roy at