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Med Students: Learn more about psychiatry at VCU Summer Institute, Jul 8-13 2012

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OVERVIEW: The purpose of the Summer Institute in Psychiatry for Medical Students hosted by the Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine is to provide medical students with an exciting and intensive experience in Psychiatry, covering topics that are of interest to trainees, but may not be presented in a traditional curriculum. The Institute will consist of seminars and clinical experiences provided by nation- ally and internationally known experts in the field of Psychiatry. Students will receive a Certificate of Participation at the end of the program. Students entering the M-II through M-IV years are eligible, up to a maximum enrollment of 15.

INTENDED AUDIENCE: The Institute in open to all medical students nationally.

FEES: Free of charge to all students. Meals provided daily. Housing will be provided. Students responsible for travel expenses.

THE PROGRAM: Each day of the program is organized around a central theme, followed by dinners and a variety of social activities.

  • Sunday—Welcome Dinner
  • Monday—Psychiatry Residency Training
  • Tuesday– Current Issues in Psychiatry
  • Wednesday—Med-Psych I
  • Thursday—Med-Psych II
  • Friday—Therapies Beyond

Topics will include: The Components of Psychiatry Residency; Brain Imaging in Psychiatry; Demonstration of Transcranial Magnetic & Vagal Nerve Stimulation; Psychosocial Assessment of Gastric Bypass Surgery; HIV Psychiatry; Using Genetics to Understand Psychiat- ric Illness; Human-Animal Interaction & Animal-Assisted Therapy; Suicide Assessment; Women’s Mental Health; Stigma of Mental Illness; Neuropsychiatric Manifesta- tions of TBI; Clinical Observation of ECT; Boundary Issues in Psychiatry ; Various Team Rounds-Inpatient, Outpatient, Virginia Treatment Center for Children, Emergency Department, & Electroconvulsive Therapy


Students may apply by filling out and returning the enclosed information. All applicants should include a one-page essay as to why they would like to be admitted to the Institute. Students will be accepted on the basis of merit.

Summer Institute in Psychiatry for Medical Students Application




E-mail Address_______________________________

Phone #____________________________________

Medical School_______________________________

Graduation Year______________________________

Please complete the above & return it with a one-page essay as to why you would like to be admitted to the Institute to:

Alexandru Trutia, M.D.. Director OR Delores Yeatts, Program Coordinator

Summer Institute of Psychiatry For Medical Students Dept of Psychiatry, VCU Health System P.O. Box 980710 Richmond, Virginia 23298-0710 (804) 828-7912

Application deadline: June 15, 2012

For more information regarding the VCU Department of Psychiatry please visit our website at

For general information regarding the Summer Institute please contact: Delores Yeatts, Program Coordinator, VCU Dept of Psychiatry, (804) 828-7912



“This program was an incredible experience. I am so thankful that I was given this opportunity. Every day, I gained an enormous amount of infor- mation, which intensified my interest in psychiatry even more; in addition, I gained a deep appreciation for all of the sub-fields and aspects of this career. All of the participating faculty was gracious, informative, nice and really receptive to our questions, concerns, and interests. I intend to recommend this program to everyone I know in medical school with praise.”

“What impressed me most about the Institute was the genuine receptive- ness of everyone involved. From the very beginning, it was quite clear that we were welcome here to learn, to explore, and to contribute. The faculty was among the most cordial and knowledgeable I have met. I felt privi- leged to have the opportunity to learn from them and to talk with them. This has been one of the best experiences I have had in medicine

“It has certainly opened my eyes to the number of offerings in Psychiatry. It would be nice to make other students aware of this opportunity. I could certainly have gone another week.”

“I would definitely recommend this Institute to my peers. The balance between classroom lecture and clinical exposure was very good. The enthusiasm and energy of the faculty and staff were great and the teaching was done in a way, that without prior knowledge, you learn a lot and under- stand. The most important part to me was learning about the different and various job opportunities in Psychiatry and being able to dispel so many myths. This was a wonderful learning experience. Thank you for making us feel so welcome and for being such great teachers. This Institute was great—a great week!!”

“Overall, I though the summer institute was very well formatted and run. The night-time activities were a lot of fun. They also helped the participants to get to know one another and feel like a close-knit, friendly group in addition to giving us the opportunity to socialize with and ask questions of residents and attending physicians. The program did a good job of cover- ing a lot of ground without ever being a tiring experience. Everyone was welcoming and eager to answer our questions. While the didactic lectures were interesting, the most important part of the experience for me was the time spent on team rounds/clinic visits. I feel that those mornings were giving me a solid, well-rounded look at the variety of things the field of psychiatry has to offer. Thanks for a wonderful experience and good luck with future summer programs..

“The Summer Institute in Psychiatry iwas a great experience for those who may have any interest in the field. The lectures on the history and percep- tion of psychiatry and on the center for patient-animal interaction were unique. During my pre-clinical years, I had an interest in behavioral health. The summer institute developed this interest further and gave me a much broader exposure to psychiatry than is obtained in the classroom. It was great to learn about cutting edge treatment modalities like TMS. By the time I started third year, I was open minded, but definitely had psychiatry in the back of my mind as a potential career choice. I enjoyed many of my clerkships , though psychiatry stood out as the most memorable, enjoyable, and interesting to me. I am now a fourth year applying for psychiatry posi- tions in the Match”.