Share your story with SOVA

The SOVA team would like to invite you to become a blogging ambassador. As a blogging ambassador you would be encouraged to:
·        create new blog posts (1 or more a month)
·         post comments on blogs  (1 or more a week)
You can choose what you’d like to write your post on and you will work with a SOVA team member who will edit and provide thoughtful feedback. Blogging is a way for you to:
·        share your personal experience
·        share your stories
·        give advice to other members
Ambassadors will be asked to complete two surveys:
·        1 when you sign up
·        1 after 3 months
Once you have completed both surveys you will be given $10 compensation. We will use your survey responses to help us determine if blogging for the site is possible and if blogging has any positive effects on the writer. Your participation as a blogging ambassador is completely voluntary (your choice!) and you can decide to stop at any time. Please let us know if you would be interested in becoming a blogging ambassador and we can give you more information. Also you can check out: sova.pitt.edu/blog.

Thank you!

SOVA Study Team

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