December 2016 Newsletter

December 2016 Newsletter

Welcome to the last month of 2016. I found 2016 to be a tough year. It seems that now, perhaps more than before, self care, mental health, and access to quality healthcare has been at the forefront of discussion. PsychSIGN’s goal is to connect medical students across the country to the field of psychiatry and to create a network amongst the PsychSIG groups. PsychSIGN is working towards this goal with the following three initiatives:

  1. To provide region conferences and subspecialty group conference promotion. Check out the details for our upcoming region conferences. Last chance to register for our Region 5 Conference at AAAP.
  2. To provide an online space for students to ask questions and learn about psychiatry from other trainees. Check out our ‘forums’ tab on the website to get started.
  3. To improve medical student wellness throughout our training experience. See the details on the Working Group.

We hope to connect with you along any or all of these initiatives in this final month of 2016 and throughout the 2017 year. If you have programs, events, or updates about your school/PsychSIG that you would like featured in our newsletter, send your information to We all want to hear what is happening from you!

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Emilie Transue
PsychSIGN Director

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